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I am a pioneer in digital & social marketing, obsessed with driving sales and results for Fortune 500 brands.  Solver of unsolvable business problems and straight talker.

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Customer testimonials are a great way to show proof of concept for your product or service. This is especially important in technology and telecom, as the solutions your team is selling are often ahead of the curve.

Testimonials are a core-part of direct-marketing success because they are real comments from real customers.

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Top Innovation Quotes


Adaptability, change and ambiguity are the the new normal in today’s marketplace. The ability to change and innovate are at the core of most  successful businesses.

From famous scientists to business leaders, the message is the same: change is hard but it’s necessary.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes about innovation.
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If actions are more powerful than words, many people should be married to their smartphones.  According to study by O2 and Samsung, we now spend more time on our smartphones than with our life partner.

That works out to be about one-third less time spent with the love of your life.

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Some toddlers are using mobile devices before they can form full sentences. According to research from Common Sense Media, 38% of children under the age of 2 have used a mobile device for playing games or watching videos.

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hangers cleaners

Machine-to-Machine or M2M communication is a huge opportunity for business growth. Our world is becoming more connected every day. M2M communication enables the flow of data between machines and machines and ultimately machines and people.

If you think M2M communication is used only by Fortune 100 companies or that it might be too expensive…think again. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing M2M technology to work smarter and save money.

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Don’t Get on Santa’s Naughty List: Social Media Mistakes thumbnail

Spiral16 has a holiday themed social media infographic of the common social media marketing mistakes that will get you on the Big Guy’s naughty list.

Let’s be honest–if Santa put everyone who was doing something stupid on the naughty list, it would be a lot longer.

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Helzberg Wedding Customer Service

True Story: A British couple loved a brand so much that they got married in one of their stores.

On Wednesday December 12, Sallie-Anne Shotter and Jon Ross are got married in a Helzberg Diamonds store in Orlando Florida. The retailer hosted the wedding ceremony of Sallie-Anne Shotter and Jon Ross in the Helzberg store in the Florida Mall at Noon.

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