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Kirtsy Takes a Bow

More than 100 social media tastemakers gave their voices and visions to Kirtsy Takes a Bow in order to highlight the creative renaissance taking place online.

I was very honored to be part of this book! Some of my fellow contributors included Guy Kawasaki, Erin Kotecki Vest, Gwen Bell, and the founders of Kirtsy, the social media platform for women.

The book’s creator and editor, Laura Mayes, is an Emmy award-winning writer and Internet entrepreneur.

Kirtsy Takes a Bow is an artful collection of writings, photography, tweets, websites, online stores, and the inspirations of more than 100 social media leaders, entrepreneurs and artists.

The book is an absolute must-have book for any woman who wants to know just what is happening on the Internet and for any man who wants to know just what women are up to.

Visit the book’s website to find out more or go to Amazon.com and BUY it!