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Cottonelle: ‘How Does America Roll?’ Campaign is Brilliant


Cottonelle’s “HOW DOES AMERICA ROLL?” campaign is brilliant.  The Cottonelle campaign brings the product to the forefront in a self-deprecating way that is very engaging to consumers.  That is no small feat considering the product is Toilet Paper—not exactly a sexy subject for most of us.

The campaign centered on the “Great Toilet Paper Roll Debate” in America.  In case you’ve been following that “other” debate on HEALTH CARE, you might not have noticed the debate on Toilet Paper!  Apparently, there is a controversy about the question of how people roll their toilet paper.  Do you roll your toilet paper OVER or UNDER?

Cottonelle asked Americans to vote on the CottonelleRollPoll.com. In a stroke of genius, the company then hired Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott to talk about the Great TP Debate!  The results of this debate were heavily favored in the OVER rollers:

72% Roll OVER

28% Roll UNDER

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are a mixed marriage. She prefers OVER and Dean is an under roller.  The couple is very fun and they are loved by many for the easy way they poke fun at themselves and each other in a way that people can relate to! Tori and Dean then made a completely over-the-top, funny video on Funny or Die on the subject, Under Suspicion.

Why Cottonelle’s Campaign Works

Cottonelle’s How Does America Roll? campaign works because it’s REAL and it’s FUNNY.  Cottonelle isn’t saying that their toilet paper will change our lives. But Cottonelle used a funny (and real) debate about toilet paper to put the brand at the core of the campaign. The brand makes fun of the “debate” over toilet paper and they were very smart to bring in Tori and Dean, who are a perfect—and funny—fit for the campaign.

Go to CottonelleRollPoll.com to find out more.  Go to Funny or Die to watch Under Suspicion with Tori and Dean.


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