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Couple Married in Helzberg Store: Do YOUR Customers Love Your Brand That Much?


True Story: A British couple loved a brand so much that they got married in one of their stores.

On Wednesday December 12, Sallie-Anne Shotter and Jon Ross are got married in a Helzberg Diamonds store in Orlando Florida. The retailer hosted the wedding ceremony of Sallie-Anne Shotter and Jon Ross in the Helzberg store in the Florida Mall at Noon.

According to the groom:

“We knew that we wanted something different for our wedding day, something memorable, but especially fun. To sum everything up, we are getting married in a country we love, in a state we adore, with people who are like family.”

Do customers love YOUR brand?

A study by American Express revealed that nine in ten of Americans surveyed (93%) say that companies fail to exceed their service expectations.   The study showed that 55% of respondents walked away from an intended purchase in the past year because of a poor customer service experience.

How do brands inspire fierce customer loyalty?  Marketing ninja Shelly Kramer says it’s pretty simple.  She tells companies if they want to sell more stuff…they need to humanize their brand.

Enchant Your Customers

Marketing guru and former Apple chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki wrote one of my favorite books about business and life.

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions outlines the power of enchanting your customers.  Brands that enchant their customers are successful–it’s the reason why Apple customers are obsessed with their  iPhones and Starbucks addicts pay a fortune for a cup of coffee.  According to Kawasaki:

“It causes voluntary change of hearts and minds and therefore actions. It is more than manipulating people to help you get your way. It transforms situations and relationships. It converts hostility into civility. It reshapes civility into affinity. It changes skeptics and cynics into believers.”

Getting married in a retail store is unusual but it speaks to the “enchantment” factor of the Helzberg brand.

Do your customers love your business? If they don’t, do you know why?

Photo: Helzberg Instagram





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