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Customer Testimonials Are Powerful


Customer testimonials are a great way to show proof of concept for your product or service. This is especially important in technology and telecom, as the solutions your team is selling are often ahead of the curve.

Testimonials are a core-part of direct-marketing success because they are real comments from real customers.

Entrepreneur magazine points out the best reason to utilize customer testimonials:

Testimonials build trust. Whether your customers are raving about what your product has done for them or about the great service you gave, they’re telling your visitors first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your products and company.

Customer testimonials are a powerful way to sell your services without being too pushy and customers talking about their good experiences are extremely credible.

Below is a quick video from one of Sprint Wholesale’s customers, Scott Allan of Ting.

An authentic customer testimonial can be a powerful sales tool. In my career, I’ve used customer testimonials frequently, especially in areas of emerging technology.


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