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Don’t Get on Santa’s Naughty List: Social Media Mistakes

Don’t Get on Santa’s Naughty List: Social Media Mistakes post image

Spiral16 has a holiday themed social media infographic of the common social media marketing mistakes that will get you on the Big Guy’s naughty list.

Let’s be honest–if Santa put everyone who was doing something stupid on the naughty list, it would be a lot longer.

Dig, if you will, an example from this weekend.

My friend Henry Copeland, who is CEO of BlogAds pointed out a promotion @kmart launched right after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  I think Henry makes an excellent point:

Folks have been bashing @kmart for tweeting its toy giveaway hashtag, #fab15toys, in combination with hashtags like #PrayforNewtown. In context, the tweet was actually understandable. But that context — running a toy giveaway in the hours after a massacre of children — is what’s unimaginably stupid. For the most stunningly decency-deaf example of autopilot marketing ever, please take a look at (some) of the “twitterchat” @kmart promoted yesterday…

Along the lines of Henry’s post, BBR Marketing offers some insight on social media sensitivity in times of tragedy that @kmart (and other brands) should read.

True North has a great list of the Top 5 Social Media Mistakes that is a must read.



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