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Instagram: Are You Using This Hot Mobile App?

Instagram: Are You Using This Hot Mobile App? post image

Instagram is an iPhone, iPad and Android app that gives photos a “vintage” look.  Instagram makes it easy to share your photos from Instagram and it’s one of the most popular mobile apps around.  Simply Zesty has an excellent article about Brands on Instagram that is a must read!  Here’s a quick preview of the blog post from Simply Zesty:

Instagram is a service that has all the early adopters on board and has over 4 million users already and one of the first signs that it could go on to be something even bigger is the fact that brands and businesses are pouring in there.

The highly visual nature of the site means that it is relevant to a lot of them in different ways and there are already some great creative ways in which photos are being shared. You can expect plenty more brands to start joining Instagram over the coming months and it really is good to see some of the bigger ones already there.

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