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Kajeet Cell Phones for Tweens: Conversation with Daniel Neal of Kajeet

I wrote about Kajeet cell phones a few weeks ago.  Kajeet offers pay-as-you-go mobile phones that are a great fit for tweens, young teens getting their first mobile phone.  It’s not the "baby" cell phones but it’s not totally unfiltered access to the big bad world either.  It’s a flexible way your child (and the parents) can grow into the whole world of having a cell phone.

After I did a blog post on this blog and on my blog at Family.com, I had a chance to talk to the CEO and one of the founders of Kajeet, Daniel Neal.  Daniel and his co-founders are dads that created the Kajeet phone and system, based on the things they would want their kids to have on a mobile phone. 

Please keep in mind that I am veteran of over 20 years in the advertising and marketing business.  In the dictionary under the word "cynical" you will see a picture of a person in the ad/marketing business.  So it’s not exactly like I am a pushover.  But that’s what was so cool about my conversation with Daniel Neal at Kajeet.  He wasn’t trying to sell me—we just talked.

Daniel and his founders, are in fact, The Real Deal.  Before you mock me, please read on.

There are so many brands that SAY they are "family friendly" and they "want to do what’s best for the kids".
However, most of that talk is purely self-serving in most cases and is for the sake of marketing a product.  The guys at Kajeet actually mean it. 

I always tell clients and friends that the way to build a brand is from the inside out.  Meaning that it has to be true to work.  Many of my clients over the years have not listened to me and they’ve done well but the ones that followed the philosophy of working from the "inside out" to develop a brand position and brand message are the ones that have the staying power. 

Here is my conversation with Daniel Neal at Kajeet.
Here is some of the news/press Kajeet has gotten
(so you know it’s not just me that’s crazy about them)


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