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Kajeet: Solution for the Kid “Cell Phone Wars”

Whether or not to get our older daughter a cell phone has been has been a hot issue over the last year in our house.   We tried the whole cell phone thing but the interface was too complicated for our daughter (age 12). 

In addition to being too detailed for her to really keep track of, this option left

my husband and I awake at night with worry (she’s our oldest, we are
rookies at parenting a teen).

are cell phones for kids but my older daughter feels "too old" for such
phones.  We ended up just bagging the whole cell phone issue, opting to fight that battle another day. 

I recently found out about a "plan B" for the cell phone issue.   I stumbled on to some information about kajeet.   kajeet is a
"pay-as-you-go" cell phone service
.  The company was founded by three dads, who wanted to give their kids the ability to
use mobile communication but with some built in customization features
for parents as they navigate the tween years.

The thing I really like about kajeet is that unlike “kiddie” phones or
“add-a-line” family plans, kajeet offers a full-featured, highly
customizable cell phone with no contracts and no activation or cancellation fees.

kajeet seems like a great solution for  the tween and early teen years.  kajeet seems to be a fit for our family and
we are rethinking the "cell phone wars".  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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