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M2M Technology for Hangers Cleaners

hangers cleaners

Machine-to-Machine or M2M communication is a huge opportunity for business growth. Our world is becoming more connected every day. M2M communication enables the flow of data between machines and machines and ultimately machines and people.

If you think M2M communication is used only by Fortune 100 companies or that it might be too expensive…think again. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing M2M technology to work smarter and save money.

A recent case study shows how businesses can use M2M communication to gain immediate impact.

Case Study – Hangers Cleaners

Hangers Cleaners is a successful pickup-and-delivery dry cleaning business in Kansas City that is currently using M2M technology to improve its fleet operations.  Owner Joe Runyan works with Sprint’s Connected Fleet.   This M2M solution combines GPS, telematics, and wireless technology to capture data for Hangers.   The M2M communication lets the company know where their vehicles and other valuable assets are and how they are performing.  According to Joe Runyan, Sprint’s Fleet Solution will save thousands of dollars a year:

“I calculated the cost of the morning idling for just one driver, and figured out he had cost us more than $12,000 since he has worked for us. If we can cut down that kind of idling, especially with diesel fuel costs what they are, it should save us a lot.”

Go to the Sprint M2M website to read more about the Hangers Cleaners Case Study.

Disclosure: I work for Sprint M2M but I do not work with this client or in this segment of the M2M division.  I am pointing out the case study to show some of the real life benefits of M2M technology.


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