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Two Easy Ways to Show Social Proof

social proof

Showing social proof is a way to gain trust with existing clients and gain more of their business. Everyone knows this. But just like taking vitamins or eating more vegetables, promoting your own work is hard find time for when your clients–who pay the bills–need their work done yesterday.

Social proof is a short-hand way to explain the complex nature of social influence.   By showing your company’s social proof you are validating the your business expertise in the digital world.  One of the best ways to explain social proof comes from HubSpot:

‘Social proof,’ also referred to as ‘informational social influence,’ is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior. In other words, it’s the mentality that, if other people are doing it, and I trust those people, that’s validation that I should also be doing it

Current customers are the best way to GET new business!  According to Inc Magazine,   acquiring a new customer is five to ten times the cost of retaining a current one.  Another big incentive to gain more business from current clients is that existing clients usually spend 67 percent more than a new ones!

In the age of digital media, social proof is an important marketing tool.  It needs to be a priority if you want to show current clients (and potential new clients) how great your business is!   It doesn’t have to be a major undertaking to show the proof of your business success!  You can promote your work without investing a ton of resources by taking baby steps.

Dig, if you will, two ways to strut your stuff without getting bogged down or becoming totally obnoxious.

Divide and Conquer – In 2011, the Spiral16 blog DOUBLED in traffic and page views and won a Bronze Quill Award for the blog performance.  Marketing director Eric Melin created a strategy to increase blog traffic (and generate more leads) by using a tactic of “You’re It!”.

Eric assigned different members of our team blog posts each week—which spread the additional work of creating more blog posts out over the whole company.   Everyone at the company has a little skin in the game but it didn’t overwhelm anyone.

Re-Purpose Presentations to Share Easily – I’m the queen of re-purposing presentations for multiple uses because if you create good content and make it easy for other people to share the information it’s more effective.

More people sharing your content instantly creates a larger audience—without extra work on your part.  Plus social sharing of your work by people other than you (and your mom) show credibility.

Let’s say you make a presentation at a seminar about the importance of social media marketing in the health care industry.  You have already created the presentation, so why not use the material in a variety of different ways?

  • Put the presentation on Slideshare
  • Create a blog post about using social media marketing in health care–and embed the Slideshare presentation
  • Create an infographic with the statistics from the presentation–I use infogram to create infographics*
  • Create another blog post that features the inforgraphic
  • Tweet the infographic + share on other social media networks

From one presentation, you’ve created multiple ways for other people to share your content.  If you want more information Hubspot has a great article on how to amplify your social proof.

*=I cannot draw stick figures but I can create infographics using infogram.


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