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Why I Took Down My Mommy Blog


I took down my mommy blog this month, closing a chapter in my life.  My blog brought me many rewards and some lifelong friends.  I don’t regret the experience but it was time to move on.

I started a personal blog in 2005 so I could find out more about how blogs  worked.  Because my family has southern roots and I am a smart-aleck, I called my blog WhiteTrashMom. The whole point of launching a blog in 2005 was because I wanted to figure how to DO it. I never planned on my blog becoming part of my identity OR becoming an author.

I’m from the “method” school of marketing. When I did the national marketing for Jiffy Lube, I learned how to change oil.  When I headed up the marketing for a Apria Health Care Division, I become a licensed pharmacy technician, qualified to answer customer service phone calls from patients.  Marketing is successful when the marketing team understands the business they are creating the marketing plan for!  So the first thing I do when I get a new client is learn their business.

I blogged about parenting in 2005 as a way of testing the blogging waters, I never meant to make a money from my blog. I am a marketer and I have over 15 years experience with national brands—-that’s my career.

Hello? If I wanted to monetize a blog, I would not have put the term WHITE TRASH in the name.

White Trash Mom became a popular parenting blog and was listed as one of the web’s best mom blogs on Alltop.com. The blog was listed on many “Best Of the Web” pages over the years. In December 2009,  Babble.com named it one of the Top 50 Mom Blogs.

St. Martin’s Press published a book based on the blog, The White Trash Mom Handbook in 2008.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Wendy Piersall:

Me:  I’m taking down White Trash Mom.

Wendy: Don’t you think you should sleep on it? Maybe? It’s five years worth of content. Don’t you want to leave it up?

Me:  Nope. I want to start fresh and move on.

Wendy: [Thinks to herself “Michelle is kind of crazy”]

At the end of the day, I couldn’t afford to invest the time in a blog that didn’t make money and had the potential to harm me professionally. Let’s face it—not everyone sees the humor in WT.   My book and blog were very popular in California, especially LA and Silicon Valley.  But the world in general is NOT LA and Silicon Valley.

There are other reasons why I took down my mom blog but I’ll cover those another day. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported my little blog experiment gone wild.  It was a fun ride that enriched my life and brought me many good friends and experiences.  I’ll be around the web writing but I wanted to let you know that you won’t see White Trash Mom anymore.


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